for today, Inc.

Well Being with Cooking

Achieve to get a chance to cook & eat by natural motivation,
with sustainable way.


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Fridge to Dishes while Fresh.
Our Menu AI recommends suitable dishes to your feeling with foodstuffs in your fridge and pantry.

Our “Menu AI” resolves all issues:
food expiration date in fridge, calories, nutrition etc…
Decide menu for today, just by choosing from recommended lists.


Menu-AI as a Service

Provide Menu AI managed service to use by WebAPI.

This strong API enables you to suggest best menu for your customers using their context data such as shopping list in card, puechase histories, personalized data etc…
Drive and accelerate your service Digital Experience in retail.

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Menu For Today, Inc.


Oct 9th, 2020

Founder & CEO

Sora Murofushi


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